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Interactive Storytelling

Our interactive storytellers enthrall audiences with captivating tales. Some shows include magic, some include music, some include puppets, but all of them include audience participation, fun and laughter!

Marci Poppins

Marci Poppins

Nothing like Mary, our Marci is a unique character who does a great storytelling show with magical effects. Great for ages 3-7.

Oooga the cave woman

Oooga the Cavewoman

This show is about how a cavewoman comes across a time machine and ends up in our era!

mother goose

Mother Goose

A delightful Pre-K to 1st grade program, Mother Goose's show if full of lovely nursery rhymes, puppets, music and magical effects!

Geo Jane

Geo Jane

A rocking good time for all, Geo Jane takes the children on a trip around the world with stories and magic. Great for ages 4-8!

Senorita Marci

Senorita Marci

In this fun and interactive show, Señorita Marci takes her young audience on a trip to Mexico exposing children to Hispanic culture with dance, storytelling and magic. 

Safari sue

Safari Sue

Safari Sue knows that children love animals and adventure and she delivers plenty of both in this 45 show! Great for children 4-8 years old.

Pink Fairy

The Pink Fairy

Out of all the Fairy godmothers, the Pink fairy is the lovliest. Interactive storytelling with magical effects and music. Great for ages 3-6.

Geo Jane

Paleontologist Sue

Paleontologist captivates the children at your event with her exciting rants all about dinosaurs and prehistoric times. Great for children 4-8 years old!

Salty Sue

Salty Sue

Salty Sue leads the children on a real adventure in a successful search for captured treasure. Great for children 4-8 years old!

Athena the Snow Queen

Athena the Snow Queen

In this magical winter show, Athena the Snow Queen transports the audience to a world of fantasy. 

sailing ships

Neptunia the Sea Goddess

Neptunia takes the children on an interactive sea hero adventure with music, magic and lots of audience participation. Great for kids 4-8 years old!


The Bookworm

Primarily geared towards children 4‐8 years old, this show is great for small and large groups alike and is very popular in schools, libraries and camps.

Millenia the Muse

Millenia theMuse

This classical Greek character inspires reading through fables, myths and classic lore with a magic, audience participation, and fun. Great for ages 4-8!

The Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is a bumbling bee who loves to spell, conduct contests and story the little ones on bee-ing kind and bee-ing safe. 

professor mac

Merlinda the Lady Wizard

The mystical and magical Merlinda the Lady Wizard will takethe children to a world beyond Camelot this enchanting show. Great for ages 4-8!

Cyber hoodie puppet

Cyber Sue

A very important program for kids 7-14 years old, Cyber Sue is an Internet Safety Officer brings a compelling, and humorous, program on internet safety.

Professor mac

Professor MacGonnigal

Wizard magic, a potions class, Harry Potter stories, trivia and more is included in this interactive storytelling program. Great for ages 4-8!

All American Sue

All American Sue

All American Sue does a great interactive patriotic themed show with magical effects.

Lovie Dovie

Lovie Dovie the Valentine Lady

Lovie Dovie the Valentine Lady tells fun Valentine stories with music and magical effects.

Smiley O'Riley

Smiley O'Riely

Celebrate St. Patrick’s week in good form through books and stories shared by Smiley O’Riley, an adorable clowny leprechaun from Ireland. 

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