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Oooga The Cavewoman

Oooga the cave woman

Primarily geared towards children 4-8 years old, this show is great for small and large groups alike and is very popular in schools, libraries and camps.

What do you get when you mix the cave paintings of Lascaux, prehistoric fashion, puppets, and the time machine from H.G. Wells? You get the Oooga’s R.E.A.D. (Reading, Exploring, Art & Discovery) Program! The premise of the show is that a cavewoman comes across a time machine and ends up in our era. She quickly adjusts, and proceeds to share and show lots with the kids. They'll enjoy a dinosaur tale, get moving with primitive dancing, and experience a bit of magic as Oooga shows how she makes a meal. By the time she is done, the audience is chanting 'Oooga, Oooga' and ready to learn even more. 


This exciting interactive storytelling show is approximately 45 minutes long and features music and magical effects that keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. Whether she is performing for 60 or 600 guests, everyone will have fun going on an adventure with Oooga the Cavewoman.

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