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The Bookworm

Primarily geared towards children 4‐8 years old, this show is great for small and large groups alike and is very popular in schools, libraries and camps.

World-Famous for Inspiring Readers!


The Bookworm’s literary enthusiasm captures the imagination of young and old alike. Colorful and silly, yet very articulate, she has an incredible appetite for books of all kinds. This delightful program will get the books flowing off the shelves! It’s obvious why this program is in such high

demand for schools, Pre‐K to 3rd grade, libraries, bookstores, reading festivals and just about everywhere where readers may gather.


This exciting interactive storytelling show is approximately 45 minutes long and features music and magical effects that keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. Whether she is performing for 60 or 600 guests, everyone will have a fun time with the Bookworm!

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