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Senorita Marci


40-45 minute show: $475
Optional Add-On:
1 Hour of Face Painting or Balloons: $175 (up to 20 kids per hour)

Great for ages 4-10 year olds, Marci is perfect for birthday parties, libraries, schools, or any family-friendly event.


In this fun and interactive show, Señorita Marci takes her young audience on a trip to Mexico exposing children to Hispanic culture with dance, storytelling and magic. Children hear and repeat words and phrases in Spanish and become familiar with their meanings. Great for Cinco the Mayo and Hispanic Month celebrations or for any occasion that calls for educational fun! 


Optional Add-on:

Señorita Marci is also an internationally awarded face painter. She can follow her show with 1 hour of beautiful basic face painting for up to 20 kids. If you would prefer balloon animals, she can also make basic balloon animals, flowers and swords for up to 20 kids  in 1 hour.


The 40-45 minute show is highly interactive available in English, Spanish or even a bilingual show!


Marci's shows must be indoors, except during December, Jan, and Feb. 

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