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Themed Magic Shows

Mad scientist

Mad Scientist Magic Show

This mad scientist will astound you and your guests with magic of all sorts!

james the magician

Ringmaster Magic Show

Step right up and enjoy one of our Ringmaster magicians at your next Circus or Carnival themed party!

james with flying cards

Adventure Magic Show

This magic show willl for sure take you on an adventure!

Pirate with Balloons

Pirate Magic Show

A pirate who does a magic show? Ahoy mateys!

King James

King James Magic Show

A magic show fit for a princess and her guests. Balloon sculptures can also be added. Great for ages 3-8.

Star Force Magic Show

Star Force Magic Show

Bring our incredible Jedi to your party for a fun-filled Jedi magic show. 

mad hatter

Crazy Hatter Magic Show

Alice's favorite Wonderland show. The Mad Hatter shows of his maginicent tricks and of course some of his mad jokes.


Wizard Magic Show

A Real Wizard!

mr. a

Steam Punk Magic Show

Magic show with a Victorian Steampunk flair!

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