Virtual Programs And Shows For Adults And Kids

We are extraordinarily proud of our entertainers. Here you will find some of the absolute BEST in the industry. 

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Marci Poppins

Nothing like Mary, our Marci is a unique character who does a great storytelling show with magical effects.

Great for ages 3-7!

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Unicycle Show

This show is WHEELY entertaining!

Great for all ages!

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It’s Not Magic it’s SCIENCE

Science experiments that are so cool you will think they are MAGIC! But they aren't! They're SCIENCE!

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Game Show

Who doesn't love sound effects and trivia?

Great for ages 6 through adult!

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Puppy Pals

This comedic dog show knocks it out of the bark!

Great for all ages!

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The Mr. Electric show

The electric Wizard Show is a journey through electric history!

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Magic Show

Lots of ooohs and aaahhs! Kid's and adults alike will love this show!

Great for ages 4 through adult!

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Unique virtual classes for kids

From learning to draw to learning to make balloon animals, we have a great variety to choose from!

Great for ages 8 and up!

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Imagination Celebration

A fun virtual kid's variety show!

Great for ages 3-8!

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Unique Adult Classes

Whether you want to learn to cha cha or make glowing at home facials, we have a great variety you can choose from.

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Pete the cat Art Along Show

In this fun lesson, kids draw as we read them a story!

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Zany Zoe's Virtual Magic Show

Her one of a kind magic show also includes engaging music, mime, body movements, humor and comedy. Most importantly, her show will ignite imagination an help children of all ages discover their magical creativity.

There is a $25 travel fee per performer or activity for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties. 

Additional fee may apply on holidays in any county.

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