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  • Children's Entertainer

  • Storyteller

  • Expert Face Painter

  • Balloon Twister

  • Magician

  • Henna Artist

A children's entertainer specializing in clowning and face painting, Marcela is also a Magician, Author, speaker, instructor, and former publisher of Face and Body Art International Magazine as well as a producer of the Face and Body Art International Convention.  She is recognized as one of the premier face painters in the country and has been influential in revolutionizing this art form. Marcela has published many books on the subject of clowning and face painting. 


As "Mama Clown” she has been entertaining children and adults since 1981. She is known for her warm and friendly personality and her ability to work with young audiences. Three times she has been selected as “Clown of the Year” by the South East Clown Association and was named an "Angel of Cheer" by the Miami Herald for the work with underprivileged children.


 Whether she is clowning around, face painting or teaching, Marcela believes that one of the greatest gifts we can give to others are happy memories and she cheerfully shares this gift with everyone she meets.

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