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Holiday Creation Stations for Kids and Adults

What is a Creation Station?


Our creation stations are not just arts and crafts. Our creation stations aren't just for kids!  We have lots of options for adults as well! It's an interactive area where kids or adults can create a project to take home as a keepsake from your event. We come to you, and bring everything needed.   


Guests love to create, experiment and use their imagination.  Our creations bring out the originality in each individual guest. It's a great  party idea that is unique and fun for a variety of ages!  


You can choose the creation you want (see pictures above and selections below) and make your party unique. Each creation station includes an attendant who will set-up the station, assist guests, and completely clean up everything afterwards. No mess, no fuss. 


There are approx. 8-10 spots at our stations where guests can work on their craft at the same time.  Once one guest is finished, another can take a turn at the station.  The time it takes a guest to complete a craft varies greatly depending on their age, attention span, amount of cotton candy in their system and other factors. It averages 15 minutes per craft, per guest. Some less, some more.



To bring out our complete set-up, all craft displays, and an attendant to set it up, clean it up and stay for one hour: $250 plus $6.25 per child for the materials fee. Adult crafts range from $6.25 to $16.00 per craft for the materials fee.

If you would like our creation station to stay open longer at your party, there is an additional fee of $50 per hour.

If you would like an additional attendant, there is an additional fee of $50 per hour.

There is a $75 Holiday Fee for events held on holiday weekends such as 4th of July weekend, Halloween and Christmas. 

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Holiday Beaded Bracelets/Necklaces/Keychains

Kids can create their own holiday themed beaded accessories!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Holiday cards

Kids can color and decorate a card and write to Santa or even send their card to one of their relatives.

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Holiday Beading

Create a beaded holiday craft to take home and hang up!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Cookie Decorating

Don't have time to put together an entire cookie decorating station with all the bells and whistles? We do!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Holiday Picture Frames

Photo frame decorating is the perfect way to create a keepsake families will keep for years.

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Create your own mini pinecone Christmas Tree!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Letters to Santa

We will provide everything your child needs to create the best letter to Santa! We even have a special mailbox to ensure the letters make it to Santa!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Foam Christmas tree deocrating

Kids can decorate their own flat foam xmas tree (5.5") with stars, rhinestones, stickers, and more!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Snowglobe decorating

Each child can create a plastic snow globe with a picture inside that they draw themselves.

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Create your own foam gingerbread boys and girls

Kids can personalize it as they wish with different eyes, nose, mouth, hair, bling, accessories and more! 4" x 3.5"

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Decorate a foam snowflake

They say every snowflake is unique and kids will certainly create unique snowflakes with stickers, rhinestones and more!

Photo Feb 25, 1 01 56 PM (1).jpg

Decorate your own holiday ornament

Children will have a blast as they decorate an ornament they can hang on the tree!

Holiday Creation Stations for Kids

Crafts for Kids
DJ eddy.jpeg

Holiday Sand Mandala Ornaments

Simple and beautiful sand art crafts. Each mandala is 5" in diameter.


DJ eddy.jpeg

Christmas String Art

This fun and relaxing string art craft will make a beautiful decoration for your guests' homes!


DJ eddy.jpeg

Fleece Fringe Pillows

Cozy up your homes this holiday season with adorable, DIY fleece throw pillows


DJ eddy.jpeg

Ceramic Ornaments

Ceramic ornaments make for excellent, classy keepsakes


DJ eddy.jpeg

Wood Slice Ornaments

Your guests can paint their very own beautiful, cozy wood slice ornaments


Holiday Crafts for Adults

Crafts for Adults
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