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Tic Tac Golf Showdown

Experience the ultimate fusion of golf and strategy with Tic Tac Golf Showdown!  Putt your way to victory as you aim for that elusive three-in-a-row on our Tic Tac Toe putting board. It's a hole-in-one twist on a classic game that'll have you strategizing your way to victory.

PRICING (Per Game including a uniformed attendant, delivery, set-up and tear down):

1 Hour: $175 

1.5 Hours: $250

2 Hours: $325

Additional ½ Hour: $75


Add-On Prizes:

20 Small Prizes: $15 (pencils, bubbles, bookmarks, key chains, etc.)

20 Medium Prizes: $40 (visors, sunglasses, paddleballs, Small stuffed animals, etc.)

20 Large Prizes: $75 (backpacks, mini totes, travel games, etc.)

Want to pick your own prizes? Click here!

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