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Santa Richard

Home Visits:

Just imagine what it was like for you as you anticipated that special visit with Santa Claus when you were a child.  Now couple that with the ability to have Santa come into your home and visit with your children.  You can now create this magical holiday memory for you and your family with a simple phone call.

Think about it, you’re sitting around the fireplace enjoying the evening with your family when here comes a knock at your door.  You rise to see who it could be and to your family's surprise there is the jolly ol’ Elf himself, Santa Claus.  During this visit Santa will sing carols with you and your children, perform small magic tricks, host a contest to see who can invent the best toy, and you have a chance to take photos with Santa  ---  and no line to wait in. Of course he is available to hand out that special “early” gift.

To make this event even more merry consider inviting other family members or even neighbors to participate, it’s your choice.  

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Associations / Organizations:

What better way is there to bring the families in your community together for the holidays than with Santa Claus?

“This year I would like to work with your homeowner’s association to make a visit with Santa Claus a fun, personal and truly enjoyable experience without any of the long lines associated with the traditional mall or department store visit.”

You provide the location and bring your cameras or have a professional photographer to take the individual and/or family portrait. To help you plan your booking, use a 2 minute per child rule for photos and visit time, and 5 minutes for a family. Remember to book early to avoid missing that special date with Santa.

Commercial/Company Events:

 Company Christmas Parties, Fund Raising “Breakfast with Santa” Events, Christmas Tree Lightings, Visits and Photos for your employees’ Families....Having Santa at your event is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to the people that have made your company great. It lifts their spirits and mood for the coming New Year. We will be more than happy to work with you on having a wonderful Christmas event.

Now is a good time to book before the calendar is full. Many of the events book from year to year so be sure to plan yours early before it’s too late and the calendar is full. We will provide additional information on working with Santa and help you plan your event so please call as soon as you set your date.


Country Clubs:

The Christmas holiday season is a very special time for family and friends. Just imagine how special it would be for your members, their children and grandchildren, to share a visit with that Jolly ol’ Elf, Santa Claus. Here is a chance to make lasting memories as they sit on Santa’s lap, sharing their Christmas wishes and a photo. Or even consider making it even more exciting by arranging this visit during breakfast, lunch or supper and watch as Santa goes from table to table visiting each child and family.

Your members will be amazed at the quality of candid photos they will get during this visit and aren’t these the memories that last a lifetime? Think about it, you will be offering something to your members that they cannot obtain elsewhere.

Whatever the event, your members will love it! A special time at a special place…their Country Club. Let Santa Richard be your Santa this Christmas season. 



• Brunch with Santa!
• Employee Christmas Parties!
• Santa Tuck-in Service for your Guests!
• Lobby Visits with Santa!

The possibilities for Christmas are limitless. Your guests will remember being away from home on Christmas and think about what they experienced in your hotel. One of the questions often asked by children who are going to be away from home during the Holidays is “How will Santa Claus know where I am?” This is a perfect opportunity for your hotel to offer a solution to your guest’s concern. You can have Santa in your lobby by the Christmas tree or the fireplace where children can visit. On a more personal note, arrangements can also be made for that special Christmas visit to your guests room as Santa tucks the children in for a good night’s sleep. Imagine their surprise!

Costumes and Themes:

Santa Richard has lot of different Santa outfits to choose from!

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Deluxe

  • 1930s/40s CocaCola Santa (buttons with no fur)

  • Tropical Santa

  • Barnyard/Country Santa

  • Workshop Santa

  • Cooking with Santa


1 Hour - $700

Each additional hour - $620

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