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Mrs. Jennie Claus

Mrs ClauseSuzy Hammer

Mrs. Claus Variety show

Primarily geared towards children 4-8 years old, this show is great for small and large groups alike.


A little music, a little storytelling and a LOT of Christmas holiday party fun for all!


This exciting interactive show is approximately 30 minutes long and features music and magical effects that keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. Whether she is performing for 60 or 600 guests, everyone will have fun with Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus Meet and Greet

Have Mrs. Claus come to your next event to chat with your guests and take pictures!


30-Minute Show: $525

Additional back-to-back shows: $400

Meet and Greet: $425 per hour

There is a $75 Holiday Fee for events held on holiday weekends such as 4th of July weekend, Halloween and Christmas. 

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