The Rock Star Santa

Our Rock Star Santa is great for all occasions. For information on home visits, keep reading below. For corporate events such as resorts, hotels, HOA's & public events of all kinds, Click Here.

Rock Star Santa Home Visits 


Have you ever wanted to have a visit with Santa that is way more than just a photo? Do you want to have an experience that will impress your friends and neighbors? Do you want moments that will create memories that your children will remember, and talk about forever?  


This Christmas consider a home visit with our Rock Star Santa as an answer to all your holiday needs! A visit to your home by our Rock Star Santa is not your ordinary interaction with Santa Claus. You can expect amazing photographic moments, hilariously funny story telling, magical interactions for your children, and memories created that will last a lifetime!  


The Rock Star Santa’s typical home visit lasts 30 minutes but more time can be booked for those larger gatherings!  


This holiday season schedule the Rock Star Santa for a home visit and be ready for your children to be treated like Rock Stars!  

Home Visit
Monday Through Thursday
Friday Through Sunday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
30 minutes





1 Hour





Additional 30-60 minutes





Storytime Show:

For the Ultimate Christmas Adventure, Rock Star Santa can present his “Storytime with Santa” show. During this 30-minute performance, he answers the many questions that children have been asking for years. "How do reindeer fly?" "What happens if we catch you in our house on Christmas Eve?" "How did the reindeer get their names?" "Is Bernard really the head Elf?" "How do fairies help with Christmas?" "What's your favorite cookie?" All of these questions and so much more are answered during the “Story Time with Santa” show.   

Following the performance, each child will have an opportunity to come up and visit with Santa. Parents will have the opportunity to capture as many photos as they would like to create an extra special memory that will last for years!  

The Story Time with Santa show comes complete with a custom 8-foot backdrop, magical props, and a Bose Sound System. This show is great for children of all ages and audiences of all sizes!  

Storytime With Santa Show
1 hour (30 Minute show & 30 Minutes of Lap time)
1.5 hours (30 Minute show & 1 hour of lap time)
2 hours (30 Minute Show & 1.5 hours of lap time)

Corporate Events:  

  • Company Christmas Parties  

  • Breakfast with Santa  

  • Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies  

  • Rock Star Santa visits for your employees’ families 

  • Story Time with Santa show for your customers or employees’ families  

Having the Rock Star Santa at your event is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to the customers, clients, or employees that have made your company great. It lifts their spirits and mood for the coming New Year. We will be more than happy to work with you on having a wonderful Christmas event. 

Country Clubs  

Most Country Clubs hire a Santa, arrange for a photographer and offer their members an opportunity to have family photos taken by appointment. Members love it because they don’t have to stand in the long lines at a local mall. But often the photos still leave something to be desired. It’s difficult to get around the fact that children between the ages of 2½ and 4 years of age are afraid of Santa. This has always been an age-old problem.  
The Rock Star Santa believes he has found a possible answer. What if your families had the opportunity to get to know Santa? Children that watch “Storytime with Santa” lose all fear of Santa Claus. During the 30-minute show they laugh, ask questions and develop a relationship with Santa that is impossible to accomplish with a two-to-five-minute chair visit. When they leave the show, they are eager to have their photos made with their new friend, Santa. Your members won’t believe the quality of photographs that are taken afterwards. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Offering your members something they can’t find elsewhere.  


The Rock Star Santa is also available to visit your country club for special breakfast, lunch, and dinner events where he can stroll table to table for visits!  

Hotels and Resorts  

  • Tea with Santa  

  • Story Time with Santa Show  

  • Employee Christmas Parties 

  • Santa Tuck-in Service for your Guests 

  • Breakfast with Santa and Cookie Decorating with Santa  

The possibilities for Christmas are limitless. Your guest will remember being away from home on Christmas and think about what they experienced in your hotel. Have you ever heard of a hotel with Santa doing Storytime in the lobby? Can you imagine their surprise when Santa comes to their room? How do you set yourself apart from the competition? Offer your guests something they can’t find elsewhere…Christmas Magic!  

Commercial Events
December 24th (Xmas Eve)
2 hour minimum (Chair time only)

$465 per hour

$540 per hour

$695 per hour