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Magical Santa

Magical Santa
Santa Visit
Magical Santa
Magical Santa
Magical Santa
Magical Santa
Magical Santa
Magical Santa

Home Visits 


Have you ever wanted to have a visit with Santa that is way more than just a photo? Do you want to have an experience that will impress your friends and neighbors? Do you want moments that will create memories that your children will remember, and talk about forever?  


This Christmas consider a home visit with Santa as an answer to all your holiday needs! A visit to your home by our Magical Santa is not your ordinary interaction with Santa Claus. You can expect amazing photographic moments, hilariously funny story telling, magical interactions for your children, and memories created that will last a lifetime!  


Santa’s typical home visit lasts 30 minutes but more time can be booked for those larger gatherings!  


This holiday season schedule Santa for a home visit and be ready for your children to be treated like Rock Stars!  

30-45 Minute Home Visit PRICING:

Mon - Thu: $585

Fri - Sun: $660

Christmas Eve: $775

Christmas Day: $930

Corporate Events:  

  • Laptime at malls, hotels, resorts, and country clubs

  • Company Christmas Parties  

  • Breakfast with Santa  

  • Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies  

  • Santa visits for your employees’ families

Having Santa at your event is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to the customers, clients, or employees that have made your company great. It lifts their spirits and mood for the coming New Year. We will be more than happy to work with you on having a wonderful Christmas event. 

Corporate Event PRICING:

2-Hour Visit Mon - Thu: $1,170  ($585 each additional hour)

2-Hour Visit Fri - Sun: $1,320 ($660 each additional hour)

2-Hour Visit Christmas Eve: $1,550  ($775 each additional hour)

2-Hour Visit Christmas Day: $2,170  ($1,085 each additional hour)

Stories from the North Pole


In Stories from the North Pole, Santa answers many questions that children have been asking for years during a ~ 30-minute performance. It's a magical experience in which we learn how reindeer fly and how Rudolph got that shiny nose, how Bernard the Head Elf keeps things running smoothly at the North Pole, how fairies help with Christmas, Santa’s favorite cookie, and more!

Santa and your guests will search for some real fairies, check in on a tiny elf in training, and enjoy the classic “A Visit from St. Nicholas” presented by Santa himself.


Santa can bring a backdrop, throne, and sound system, and will need a bit of time at your location to set those up. Santa can also bring music for smaller venues that don’t require a larger sound system.



30-minute show Mon - Thu: $585

30-minute show Fri - Sun: $775

Add On:  

Looking to add a bit more magic to your meet and greet with Santa? You can add a special Santa throne and backdrop to get even more magical photos!


Santa Throne - $235

Santa Backdrop - $235

Backdrop and Chair - $465

Santa chair and backdrop
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