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Magic Shows

Do you need a magician for that special birthday or special event?! This show can be performed live or virtually!
One of our featured magicians will make memories that will last a lifetime. Serious FUN for ALL your guests. (children & adults)

All the shows will be customized from age 4-104 yrs old.
Our Magic Shows: 
With tons of audience participation and special attention for the Birthday child, this show is a winner. The magician arrives with a self-contained magic case & table. Approx. 35-45 minutes long.

Need a THEMED magic show? One of our magicians arrives in full costume to match the theme and weaves the theme throughout the show to match the theme of your party!  We have the following themes available: Pirates, Jedi, Wizard, Adventure, Mad Scientist, Ringmaster, or Steampunk.
If necessary, our magicians have their own portable sound system as well. The show is highly visual, completely family-friendly and Very funny.  All of your guests will wonder "How did he do that??!!"

35-45 Minute Magic Show: $775

Learn more about our themed magic shows here!

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