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Glitter Tattoos

GREAT for birthday parties, Mitzvahs, pool & beach parties, holidays, corporate events, fairs, festivals, sporting events and more!

It's the hottest new trend for ALL ages!


Our highly skilled artists will surely bring smiles to your guests with their amazing hand-applied glitter tattoo creations. The sparkle and shimmer of our amazing glitter tattoos can complement the festive vibe of any event.


We have an extensive design collection to suit your event's theme.


They are waterproof and can last up to 7 days with proper care. It can also be removed using alcohol swabs or baby oil.


You can substitute the glitter for fluorescent Black light sensitive color tattoos for more of a club atmosphere or a glow party. Just add on an additional $50. 



1 Hour (up to 12 guests): $200

1.5 Hours (up to 18 guests): $300

2 Hours (up to 24 guests): $400

Each additional ½ hour: $100


Would you like your artist to wear a costume to match the theme of your party? We can make that happen! 

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