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In It To Win It

Great for ages 6-adult!  Can also be completely customized for corporate events, team building and colleges.


Our fabulous host will lead an exciting, interactive series of challenges using a variety of fun props. He also uses a professional sound system for high energy music and sound effects.


He brings everything necessary to keep everyone entertained.  He will gear his show to whatever audience he is performing for.


Whether you have 6 people or 600 people, the entire audience will be engaged.  It's a fast paced series of 1 minute games that can be played as a team or individually.  Tons of audience participation and excitement will abound at your event if you book our "In it to win it" package.


If you like MINUTE TO WIN IT, you will LOVE our IN IT TO WIN IT.


Single 45 min-1 hour show:  $775 (Corporate rates start at $950)


Company Party Package deal: 3 hours of music with our game host as your DJ making announcements and playing music for your guests as well as the interactive In It To Win It Show for a total of 4 hours of entertainment: $1,450.


Add-on to your show for just $320 a 30-minute Magic Show or Game Show

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