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Glam & Jam



1 1/2 hours:       $750 (for 1-20 guests)

2 hours:             $1,000 (for 21-30 guests)

2 1/2 hours:      $1,250 (for 31-40 guests)

One of our totally fab professional entertainers will come to your event with a full sound system, props, music, make-up and everything else they need to keep your guests glammed up, dancing, laughing, and having a jammin' good time with all of the following:


  • Awesome music

  • Custom makeovers for each girl: iridescent and glitter eye shadow, beautiful blush, sparkling lip-gloss, and body glitter.

  • Then, the fun begins with interactive games, activities and dancing that will keep the guest of honor and all her friends having such a great time that your party will be the talk of the town for years!


Your entertainer will need 2 chairs, enough space for all of your guests to spread out and dance, access to electricity and, if outdoors, an area to setup under overhead coverage.



Plush pink 6-foot feather boas: $6 per guest


Marabou Tiaras: $1 per guest


Fun Giveaways: $60 added to Party Total (examples include: glow bracelets, hats, necklaces, etc.)


Glam & Jam Goody Bags: $6 per guest (includes a variety of 6-8 cool items geared toward specific age group)

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