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Foam Parties FAQ

All we need from you is: Electricity Grounded 3-prong outlet 75 feet from the machine (we bring a 75 ft cord) Water Supply 75 ft from machine (we bring a 75 ft hose) Area at least 12x12 ft Grassy Area preferred Pavement works, too!

  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We value your choice to book our services and want to ensure you are well-informed about our cancellation and rescheduling policies. Please take note of the following guidelines: Rescheduling: If you wish to reschedule your party to another date, we are pleased to offer this service at no additional cost. We understand that circumstances can change, and we want to accommodate your needs. Cancellation and Refund: Should you decide to cancel your booking entirely, we provide the following refund policy: If you opt for a complete cancellation, where your reservation is removed from our calendar, you will receive a 50% refund of the total booking fee upon cancellation. Our rationale behind this policy is to ensure fairness and protect the availability of our time slots for all customers and staff. When you book with us, your reservation is allocated on our calendar, and this reserved time becomes unavailable to other potential customers. A complete cancellation means we might have missed out on other reservations for the same date and time. Therefore, the 50% refund is intended to cover the potential opportunity costs associated with your reserved time slot. We appreciate your understanding of this policy, as it helps us maintain a fair and efficient scheduling process for all our customers.
    We kindly request your attention to our weather-related policies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your Foam party. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines: ​ Pre-Event Weather Check: You have a 2-hour window before your scheduled start time to assess the weather conditions and inform us of any concerns or preferences. We offer the option to postpone or reschedule due to adverse weather at no additional cost. Rain During Setup or in Route: If our team arrives or is in route to your location and encounters rain upon arrival, we will wait it out for 30 minutes to evaluate the situation. If the rain persists, necessitating a rescheduling, a $175 fee will apply (subtracted from your online payment) to cover staff time and travel expenses. The remaining balance will be credited toward your next party. Rain After Setup: In the event that rain commences after we have completed setup and run foam for up to 29 minutes, we will also wait it out for 30 minutes. Should the rain persist, a $250 fee will be charged, (subtracted from your online payment) with the remainder applied toward rescheduling for a different date. Rain During Foam Activity: If rain begins after we have been actively generating foam for 30+ minutes, we will wait for an additional 30 minutes. If the rain persists beyond this point, we must conclude the event. Unfortunately, no refunds can be provided, but we will offer a $50 discount on your next Foam Party. Please note that our schedule is carefully coordinated. We schedule parties back to back with enough time for travel, set-up/clean-up, and 30 minutes in case of rain, WE CAN NOT wait longer than 30 minutes for a rain delay. It may be raining at your location but could be nice and sunny at the next party's location, so we have to leave ON TIME to arrive to our next party on time. ​ We appreciate your understanding, and in cases of light rain (sprinkle or mist), the party will proceed unless there is lightning in the vicinity. ​ Thank you for choosing our services, and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional Foam Party experience. ​ PS. The above policy is also for Cold weather
  • Can we put the foam into our swimming pool?
    NO! NO! NO! NO! As cool as it sounds, It is actually SUPER DANGEROUS to fill your pool with foam. It's like burying your guests alive. You are unable to see where you were going in the pool and you could hit your head and face on the sides or someone could drown and you wouldn't even know. Your guests could go under water and when they surface take a deep breath and inhale foam... which is liquid and drown. 🛑Our insurance will not allow us to fill a swimming pool with Foam, so the answer is absolutely NO. 🛑 The foam will also mess up your pool's Ph balance and turn your pool green after a few days. You can have a foam party near the swimming pool and if some foam goes in, it's OK we just will not fill the pool with Foam.
  • How do Foam Parties work?
    We arrive 20-30 minutes before the start time. We set up our Foam Machine using a 55 Gallon barrel. We bring a Sound system with kid friendly music to get the party moving. A foam party includes most of the same elements that a regular party would; music, dancing and chaos. The only difference is that with a foam party, the dance floor will be covered in fun foam, which as you can imagine, gets people into party mode pretty quickly.
  • Where should we have our foam party?
    Our Foam Machine alone can fill up an area of up to 25x25 ft. The foam works best on grass but it can also work on driveways, parking lots or closed-off roads. For bigger events like Fairs and Festivals, we can provide a custom package with multiple foam machines for attendees 50 and up.
  • What do you wear for a foam party?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. Running through the foam will leave you damp and will dry off in the sun. But swimsuits are suitable for kids and adults who will be in the foam for longer periods. And goggles are best for kids who choose to play or sit inside the foam pile. It's also a good idea to bring a towel to dry off. Some times we get a little crazy with the water hose. Just Saying ;)
  • When do you arrive to set up?
    • We arrive at least 30 minutes before the event to set up. That give us plenty of time to evaluate the location, find the water spigot, find the power outlet and set up our equipment. ⏰ WE MUST START ON TIME. ⏰ (The time you specified and double checked on your invoice.) We schedule parties back to back with enough time for travel, set-up/clean-up and 30 minutes in case of rain, WE CAN NOT wait for all of your late guests to arrive. If the invoice says that we start at 1pm, we must start at 1pm. We cant wait 15 or 20 more minutes for more guests to arrive or we will be late to our next party. We suggest to start the foam at least 30 minutes after the event start time on your invitation to insure that your guests are there for the Foam.
  • Is there a travel fee or any other fee?
    There is no travel fee within Broward County. There is a $35 travel fee for events in North Miami-Dade and South Palm Beach counties. Events in Mid to South Miami-Dade and Mid to North Palm Beach counties will incur a $45 travel fee per performer or activity. There is a $75-$100 Holiday Fee for events held on holiday weekends such as 4th of July weekend, MLK Jr. and President's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial and Labor Day weekend, New Year's Eve, Easter, Passover, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because we are pulling our staff away from their families to work. ​ Orders placed within 2 business days of your event date will be subject to a 20% rush fee.
  • Will the foam hurt our grass?
    NO. The foam is chemical free, and will not harm your grass. One to two days before your Foam Party, please make sure that the grass is cut and there is no dog poo in the area. It's gross when a kid is rolling around the grass and gets poo on their body. :)
  • Is the foam safe for kids and pets?
    YES! We use only the highest quality solution for our foam. It’s bio-degradable, non-staining, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! It’s also safe for babies, pets, the environment including lawns and gardens. Our foam is made up of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerol & Water. These are also the main ingredient used in things like shampoo, dish soap, and even toothpaste but without the additional chemicals and perfumes. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a cleaning agent and surfactant, is an ingredient in many personal care and cleaning products. SLS is derived from natural sources like coconut and palm kernel oil. Multiple scientific bodies have reviewed SLS as an ingredient in personal care and cleaning products and determined its typical use in these applications to be safe for both consumers and the environment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes SLS on its list of multipurpose additives allowed as a direct food additive. For more information on SLS please visit. Glycerol, sometimes referred to as glycerin, is sugar alcohol widely used in a variety of personal care products, including toothpaste, hair conditioner, cosmetics, and moisturizers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the primary regulator of over-the-counter products and food packaging materials. FDA has approved glycerol for use as an additive to food packaging materials. Glycerol also has been approved for use in skincare products. FDA has placed glycerol on its Generally Recognized as Safe List. For more information on Glycerol please visit.
  • How many kids can play in the FOAM?
    We recommend no more than 30 kids. The more kids that play in the foam at the same time, the harder it is for the foam to build up. If you are a school or camp. its best to break up the time into 30 minutes and have 2 groups of kids or do 3 groups of 20 minutes, depending on how many kids you expect in each group.
  • Do you get wet in the foam?
    YES! You will get soaked!
  • How do you clean up after the party?
    Our foam solution is designed to dissipate in the sun but for extra precautions, we spray down the foam before we leave the party. You can run the sprinkler or spray the area with water after the party for another extra clean up.
  • Are foam parties only for kids?
    NOPE! We do a lot of teen and also adult parties. We supply the foam. You and your friends do the rest.
  • Is there anything we need to provide?
    The only thing we need from our clients is a water spigot and a power outlet within 75 feet of where you want the foam party and Adult supervision to help with crowd control and safety. We bring everything else. :)
  • Instead of our house, can we have a foam party at a park?
    YES AND NO. There are many types of parks, They can be city parks, county parks and state parks, each one with different sets of rules and requirements . You will need to ask the park you are thinking of having your experience at if they would allow us in. We can supply a Certificate of Insurance naming them as additional insured. We are not allowed to do our foam parties Broward County Parks or Palm Beach County Parks because they do not allow water based attractions. Other parks have no issues with foam parties. So it is very important that you ask them first. If we get to a park and we are not allowed in, or are told to leave while doing a Foam Party by the park staff, we will have to do so, and there will be no refund given. Things you need to know: • You must first ask the park if they will allow it. (We can provide Proof of insurance) • You need to make sure there is a working water spigot nearby and that we are allowed to use that water. • You need to make sure there is a working power outlet nearby and that we are allowed to use that outlet NOTE: Sometimes between the blower, the speaker, the water pump etc, we may pop a breaker and will need to reset it. At a park we won't have access to the breaker box and usually on weekends its really hard to find a park ranger. We have only had this happen once, but 20 minutes into the party the breaker popped and we were unable to turn the power back on and the foam party was over. This could happen to you and there will be NO refund due to this happening. ALSO, if you do not get permission from the park and they shut us down because the foam is not allowed, there will be NO REFUNDS. ALSO, there will be NO REFUNDS or RESCHEDULING do to power outlets or water spigots not working. Please make sure all of this works before we arrive.
    If you have a lot of kids like at a school or camp, its best to break down the time into groups. We recommend not having more than 30 kids per group in the foam. The more kids you have in the foam at the same time, the harder it is for the foam to build up. Example: 1 Hour Party 2 groups at 30 minutes or 3 groups at 20 minutes (Please have the groups on stand-by and ready to go so that our attendants are not waiting for too long between groups. If your booking time is from 1pm - 2pm we MUST leave at 2pm because we may have another party after yours. We cant wait 10 minutes in between groups. They need to start back to back.)
  • 💰 Should we tip the attendant at our party? 💰
    While tipping is never required, it is always greatly appreciated! Tipping is an excellent way to let the Bubble person know that they have done a great job with your party or event. They are going to work hard to make sure you have the bubbliest party ever!!!
  • MUSIC?
    We have been doing Foam parties for years and have curated the perfect playlist that keeps the party poppin. Our music is edited together into a one hour segment that includes announcements and the songs are mixed together so there is no downtime in between songs if you want us to change the playlist or add some of your own songs, we charge $100 because we must search the songs, download the songs, edit the songs into our format and that takes a lot of time. We get a lot of compliments on our music, so please trust us when we say we keep the party poppin. Yes, you can use your own playlist, but in our experience, no matter how good you think your playlist is, it never works with our parties and each song is playing for over five minutes and you have spaces in between songs or sometimes you use your Spotify and commercials come up it's just not the optimal experience for your guests :) We have you covered on music. ;)
  • SPACE?
    We have been doing foam parties for years and we've done hundreds of them. We've seen it all. Sometimes in your mind you'll have the perfect spot where you would like the foam but when we arrive we may have to change on the fly due to space constraints, wind direction or other reasons that we feel won't be optimal for your party success. We will try everything in our power to have the party in the area that you specify but if we do have to change the location, please understand that we've been doing this for a long time and we want the best for you and your guests. Ideally, we would like to be on nice cut grass at least 25' x 25'
What if it rains?
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