Wildlife Show

*Please note that shows with an audience of more than 65 kids will incur an additional charge of $165


If you are looking for 2 shows at the same location, back to back, just add on $325 for the 2nd show.

There is a $25 travel fee for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties.

These wildlife shows are not only exciting & fun

but also educational and informative!

Great for ALL ages!


2 WILD options for you to choose from:


The "Fun"damental Wildlife Show: 45 min-1 hour interactive show with one trainer  and the following 10 wildlife animals: a scorpion, toad, alligator, albino burmese python, white and black ruffed lemur, porcupine, African fennec fox, honey bear (a.k.a kinkajou), anteater and an owl. 


PRICE: $450


The "Fun"damental Wildlife Show UPGRADED: Includes everything in the "Fun"damental Wildlife show AND the guest of honor gets to act as a trainer for a portion of the show, wearing a vest that contains a small ball python and a ferret, in addition to the scorpion, toad and gecko. 


PRICE: $500

There is a $25 travel fee per performer or activity for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties. 

Additional fee may apply on holidays in any county.

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