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Wildlife Show

Have more than 45 guests? No problem! We can book a second show at the same location, back to back!

Second show at the same location: $345

For the safety of the animals, all outdoor shows require solid, overhead coverage (Tree cover does not count).

Don't have solid cover? We have 10x10 tents for rent here.

These wildlife shows are not only exciting & fun

but also educational and informative!

Great for ALL ages!

2 WILD options for you to choose from:


The "Fun"damental Wildlife Show: 45 min-1 hour interactive show with one trainer  and the following 10 wildlife animals: a scorpion, toad, alligator, albino burmese python, white and black ruffed lemur, porcupine, African fennec fox, honey bear (a.k.a kinkajou), anteater and an owl. 

Maximum 45 guests per show. If you have over 45 guests, we can add an additional show back to back for an additional $345.


PRICE: $775


The "Fun"damental Wildlife Show UPGRADED: Includes everything in the "Fun"damental Wildlife show AND the guest of honor gets to act as a trainer for a portion of the show, wearing a vest that contains a small ball python and a ferret, in addition to the scorpion, toad and gecko. 

Maximum 45 guests.


PRICE: $965

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