Western/Farm Program

Anna Cowgirl.jpg

If you are having a Western, barnyard, farm or animal theme then this is the show for you!  It's perfect for kids 1-12 years old because each show is customized for the specific age group at your event.  


What is included?

Our professional children's entertainer comes to your party in character (full costume) and brings a small pro sound system, game props, prizes and music.  She will use her expertise to captivate the kids with a series of interactive games, contests (all win-win of course), trivia, and themed music - all customized for the specific age group at your party.  


This means that she would do a completely different show for 2-3 year olds than she would for 10-11 year olds or even a group with mixed ages.  No matter what the age, the kids will not want to do anything else at the party but have fun with her!


This show can be geared towards any number of children but small prizes are included for up to 35 children.  If you are expecting over 35 children, a small additional fee may apply to cover the cost of prizes.


1 hour: $485

1.5 hours: $685

2 hours: $885

Each additional ½ hour: $200



  • 15 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have other things going on at the party and need a "lead-in" time and a "lead-out" time: $80.

  • 30 minutes of music before and after the program: $160

  • Water Games:  Great for pool parties, your entertainer can integrate pool games into their program: $50

  • Karaoke: Our Karaoke list for kids' parties include songs for all ages. Make your child and their friends stars! (Included within the timeframe) $100