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Toddler Fun & Games

dj gigi

Just for the "younger crowd" we offer an exclusive entertainment program designed specifically for groups composed primarily of  1-5 year olds.


One of our talented and energetic Toddler Fun Masters will:

  • Arrive at your birthday party with a special sound system perfect for the little ones, game props and 3 different prizes for up to 35 children.

  • Use their expertise to focus on colors, movement & music and to lead a variety of highly interactive and fun dances, great musical games and activities geared toward the exact age range you are having at your party.

  • Keep the activities moving in order to accommodate the limited attention span of this wonderful age group.


Prizes are included for up to 10 children. If you expect over 10 children and you wish to include additional prizes please add an additional $5 per child.



1 hour: $550

1.5 hours: $799

2 hours: $950

An assistant is required for large groups: $95


  • 15 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have other things going on at the party and need a "lead-in" time and a "lead-out" time: $80.

  • 30 minutes of music before and after the program: $160


Add-on face painting option:

Your entertainer can include incredible face painting as well if you wish. Our entertainers use only water-based, hypoallergenic paint made specifically for use on children's sensitive skin.  When deciding how much time you wish to reserve, if you wish to include face painting, please allow 3 minutes per child for the face painting portion.  You can add it before or after your program, or the entertainer can including it within the time of their program. The remaining time will be for the games, dancing and musical activities.


1 hr face painting (up to 20 kids): $175

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