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Sand Art

1st hour - $365

Each additional hour - $50

Per child fee - $6.25

Would you like your attendant to wear a costume to match the theme of your party? We can make that happen!

The Sand Art station comes with 2 attendants and a complete table setup including the table, covering, bins of colorful sand, and fun bottles!

There are approx. 8-10 spots at our stations where kids can work on their craft at the same time.  Once one child is finished, another can take a turn at the station.  The time it takes a child to complete a craft varies greatly depending on their age, attention span, amount of cotton candy in their system and other factors. It averages 5 minutes per craft, per child. Some less, some more.

PRICING is calculated based on 3 factors:

1. How many tables/craft choices (or set-ups as we call it)? 

A set-up is the table, tablecloth, a uniformed attendant, containers for supplies, decor for each table such as placemats or trays, and any other items that are necessary for one complete creation station set-up. You will need one set-up per craft option you choose because each craft requires different art supplies.  Also, if you are expecting a large number of children you may want to consider multiple tables so more children can do the craft at the same time.

Each table/set-up is $365 which includes an attendant to set it up, help the kids and clean up afterward. This is based on 1 hour.

2. Time.

One hour is included in our table set-up rate.  If you would like additional time, we charge $50/hr. per table. 

3. How many crafts you will need for your event.

We charge $6.25 per child for supplies in addition to the set-up charges.​

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