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Pumpkin Patty

Pumpkin Patty

Farms, fall foods, and fun

A delightful Pumpkin Farmer, she brings her tales from the pumpkin patch, and fall magic and music, a perfect character for the Fall season/Harvest. Comes with a mini pumpkin patch.

Patty promotes good nutrition in a show filled with charming fall tales, magic, comedy, and lots about pumpkins!

Pumpkin Patty shows the difference between labels for organic versus non-organic foods, a distinction simple enough for a preschooler. While they may not make the grocery list, these kids can identify the more natural options at the store. Where did you learn that, the parent will ask? From the Pumpkin Patty show, they'll answer!

There is a $75 Holiday Fee for events held on holiday weekends such as 4th of July weekend, Halloween and Christmas. 


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