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Party Olympics


1 hour:                                    $525

1.5 hours:                               $750

2 hours:                                  $975

Each additional 1/2 hour:   $225


  • 15 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have other things going on at the party and need a "lead-in" time and a "lead-out" time: $80.

  • 30 minutes of music before and after the program: $160

  • Water Games:  Great for pool parties, your entertainer can integrate pool games into their program: $50

  • Karaoke: Our Karaoke list for kids' parties include songs for all ages. Make your child and their friends stars! (Included within the timeframe) $100

You don't have to wait 4 years to see an Olympic event because at AAE, Inc. we can make it happen anytime you wish! Just blow your whistle and our party professionals will bring you the GOLD! 


Looking for a different theme to impress your guests and thrill your party guests?  You don’t need to look any further for the perfect entertainment! Allow the experts at All About Entertainment, Inc. to bring our Party Olympics to your own house, backyard, picnic or corporate event!


Let The Games Begin!

In official referee attire, our "coach" will come to your event with everything they need to keep the fun going non-stop!


You get an official party Olympics "coach", high-energy sports music through our sound system, silly (yet serious) competitions, lots of laughter and action, Small token prizes, and lots more will be happening at your event when you bring in our party Olympics! Prizes are included for up to 35 participants. If you expect over 35  and you wish to include additional prizes please add an additional $5 per participant.


This program can be geared toward all children, all adults or any mix in between. We customize the program to meet your needs.

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