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Nanny Gingerbread

Very colorful and sweet, Nanny Gingerbread comes with Fall and Holiday stories, magic and music. Nanny Gingerbread brings the lore of the ancient spice trades, an age appropriate lesson in (the global economics of spices in history.) She shares gingerbread magic and crafts, real spices, as well as stories, like The Gingerbread Man and Hansel and Gretel, to capture the imaginations of the young and not-so- young. 


Nanny G. also has a strict but silly lesson plan for teaching manners to young children, with place settings, proper table manners, and lessons on being polite. She is a delight for any occasion, and perfect for the winter holidays.


This charming interactive storytelling show is approximately 45 minutes long and features music and magical effects that keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. Whether she is performing for 60 or 600 guests, everyone will have fun with Nanny Gingerbread. 

Great for kids 4-8 years old at parties and up through 5th grade at schools, camps and libraries! 

There is a $75 holiday fee for events held on holidays or holiday weekends.

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