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John comes from a celebrated family of comic and performing entertainers. He has been performing for more than a decade across the United States and in more than seven different countries. In 2003, John began training with one of the best world class ninjas… just seeing if you’re still paying attention… one of the best balloon artists and magicians in the world. Over the development of his art, John traveled to train with masters of the different styles of balloon art throughout the United States and around world.


Originally trained as a balloon artist by master magicians, John has developed a realistic style with surrealistic presentation. With the ability to create anything you can draw or show a picture of on demand, and making the special connection with each recipient of his art, he is considered by his peers and clients to be a Master Balloon Artist Entertainer. John has combined this ability with his talents for promotion, production and networking into an international creative resource for creating memorable affairs.


John balances his time between performing for high end social and corporate events throughout South Florida with traveling coast to coast of the U.S. as a creator, performer and teacher. 


Whether it be energizing and amazing the new-teens of a mitzvah or shocking and thrilling CEO ’s and corporate clients, John and his team know how to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Expert Balloon Twister

  • Balloon Decor specialist

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