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Hair Wrapping

hair wrap

Great for all events!  You can hire a professional licensed hair wrap artist to create a variety of designs that are sure to please everyone!  


Hair wrapping is colored fiber decoratively wrapped around a small section of hair. Guests can choose colors, and beads and charms may be added at the end for a finishing touch.


Hair wraps with proper care can last up to a month.  Each guest's hair length determines the amount of time it will take to wrap. The average is 15-20 minutes per guest.


1 hour: $200 (up to 3-4 kids)

1.5 hours: $300 (up to 4-6 kids)

2 hours: $400 (up to 6-8 kids)


If you expect more than 8 kids at your party, we recommend hiring 2 professional hair wrapping artists.

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