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Hair Painting Station

Nothing says spirit like hair painting! Great for Superbowl parties, sports themed parties or events, crazy hair parties, rock n' roll parties or any occasion where you need that something extra.


Our hair color artist will come to your event and transform your guest's hair into works of art. Please note that each guest will not have their  entire head of hair colored. Color may not be as bright as the color pictured to the left. We will usually do stripes, mohawks, blocks of color and the like.


Spray-on hair color is a fun accessory to complement face painting. The hair color sprays come in a variety of colors and glitters. It sprays on easily and removes with soap or shampoo.

You provide a 6ft table and up to 2 chairs, we will provide the rest!


You will need to allot 5 minutes per guest for this activity.


   1 hour (up to 12 kids): $200

   1.5 hours (up to 18 kids): $300

   2 hours (up to 24 kids): $400

   Each additional 1/2 hour: $100

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