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Graffiti Eyes

What are graffiti eyes, you may ask!  It's a very cool trend for events and parties that we are one of the very first to offer here in South Florida!  We combine one of our ADVANCED artists with a powerhouse of professional supplies ranging from specialized stencils, FDA approved paint, glitter, sponges, brushes, sometimes a mini airbrush machine, and much more to create stunning, bold and colorful designs.  Often we can match a theme or an outfit, but we always match the eyes to each person's personality.  Take a look at our gallery to see some samples of what we can do at your next birthday party, Mitzvah or special event.


Artists can do approximately 12-15 designs per hour.  They bring everything they need in terms of supplies, table, chair, etc.


  • $200 per hour

Interested in graffiti eyes that glow under UV or black light? We have you covered!

  • $220 per hour


Please also note that for the comfort of your guests and our artists, if outdoors, our face painters will require solid overhead coverage from the elements. (Sorry trees don't count.) Examples would be under a tent, under a patio awning,  etc.

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