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Fun Master

Toddler fun master


1 hour: $550

Each additional 1/2 hr: $275


Prizes are included for up to 35 children. If you expect over 35 children and you wish to include additional prizes please add an additional $5 per child.


An assistant is required for groups of more than 35 children: $95



  • 15 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have other things going on at the party and need a "lead-in" time and a "lead-out" time: $80.

  • 30 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have the fun master starting at the beginning of your party and you want music for the first 1/2 hr as guests arrive and also for 1/2 hr after the fun master is finished with their fun games, dancing and activities: $160.

  • Water Games:  Great for pool parties, your Fun Master can integrate pool games into their program: $50

  • Karaoke: Our Karaoke list for kids' parties includes songs for all ages. Make your child and their friends stars! (Included within the timeframe) $150


What exactly do our Fun Masters do?

One of our professional party entertainers will bring a pro sound system, music, game props and prizes to your party.  The presentation is highly interactive and includes all types of age-appropriate games, contests, music and dancing. Everything is geared to the age group at your party or event.


Can you tell me EXACTLY what games they will do?

We don't ever promise SPECIFIC games and activities because every party is different.  Our professionals are trained to be able to know exactly what games will work at your party with your specific group of kids.  For example, what works with one group of 6 year olds may flop with another group of 6 year olds.  Only an experienced children's entertainer will be able to know what games and activities will be perfect for your particular group.  Entertainers come to your party equipped with tons of game props and activities and music and will customize a program based on the guests at your party.


Examples of possible activities may include: Simon says, the Cha-Cha slide, Hula-Hoop frenzy, Over-under relays, Kids trivia, Let’s make a deal, Shoe salad, and other cool interactivities that kids love at birthday parties.  We specialize in birthday parties for kids age 1-12 in the South Florida area.


How long should I book a Fun Master?

Our kid's fun masters can entertain any number of children.  The amount of time you choose really depends on the length of your party and how much time you feel that you want the guests to be entertained.  Most parents choose to have at least 1.5 hours so they can include a special “Happy Birthday” on our sound system, and not take time away from the games, activities and dancing.  One hour may be sufficient though, if you have other things going on at the party or if your party is 2 hours long in total.

One of our entertainment goals is to make sure that all spectators at our parties have a great time too, even if they are not actually participating at that moment. We try to create a really fun and positive environment for all the kids (and adults too)!

What makes our entertainers special?

  • They have all been professionally trained and love what they do for a living.

  • They are Disney quality entertainers.

  • They are all fully licensed and insured.

  • They have all had background checks.

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