Creation Stations

What is a Creation Station?


Our creation stations are not just arts and crafts.  Our creation stations are an interactive area where kids can create a project to take home as a keepsake from your event or party. We come to you, and bring everything needed.   


Children love to create, experiment and use their imagination.  Our creations bring out the originality in each child. It's a great kids party idea that is unique and fun for a variety of ages!  


You can choose the creation you want (see pictures above and selections below) and make your party unique. Each creation station includes an attendant who will set-up the station, assist guests, and completely clean up everything afterwards. No mess, no fuss. 


There are approx. 8-10 spots at our stations where kids can work on their craft at the same time.  Once one child is finished, another can take a turn at the station.  The time it takes a child to complete a craft varies greatly depending on their age, attention span, amount of cotton candy in their system and other factors. It averages 15 minutes per craft, per child. Some less, some more.

Time Estimation Guide*

*Time varies widely depending on child's age, how much interest they take in their project, etc.  We don't rush the kids, as we like to encourage their creativity. This time estimation is for you to use as a guide.


For up to 20 kids: Can take up to 1 hour with 1 artist

For up to 30 kids: Can take up to 1.5 hours with 1 artist

For up to 40 kids: Can take up to 1 hour with 2 artists or 2 hours with 1 artist

For up to 50 kids: Can take up to 1.5 hours with 2 artists or 3 hours with 1 artist



To bring out our complete set-up, all craft displays, and an attendant to set it up, clean it up and stay for one hour: $225 plus $6 per child for the materials fee.

If you would like our creation station to stay open longer at your party, there is an additional fee of $50 per hour.

If you would like an additional attendant, there is an additional fee of $50 per hour.

Flat Foam Pumpkin 2-pack

Kids can create 2 flat foam pumpkins with this craft. Whether jack-o-lantern inspired or decorative, each pumpkin will be one of a kind!

Adorable Pinecone Turkeys

Real pinecones, feathers and googly eyes make this adorable craft fun!

Mini Leaf Wreaths

These wooden mini Fall Wreaths are about 7 inches in diameter and feature fabric or cardstock leaves that the kids use to create their works of art.

Decorate your own Holiday ornament

Children will have a blast as they decorate an ornament they can hang on the tree!

Picture Frame decorating

Kids can decorate their own picture frame with
rhinestones, colorful stickers, and other self adhesive decorations we supply.

Create your own foam gingerbread boy or girl

Kids can Personalize it as they wish with different eyes, nose, mouth, hair, bling, accessories and more!

Fall fabric leaf necklace

Realistic fabric Autumn leaves adorn these colorful fall necklaces that kids will enjoy making!

Decorate a Foam Snowflake

They say every snowflake is unique and kids will certainly create unique snowflakes with stickers, rhinestones and more!

Decorate your own foam mini pumpkin

Kids can use a variety of decorations we supply such as googly eyes, stickers, shapes, rhinestones, and more for their unique creation!

Decorate your own Holiday picture frame

Photo frame decorating is the perfect way to create a keepsake families will keep for years.

There is a $25 travel fee per performer or activity for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties. 

Additional fee may apply on holidays in any county.

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