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Dare Factor Challenge

Do your guests have the GUTS to survive your party or event?  Find out with our Dare Factor program.
Best for ages 7-19, the Dare Factor program consists of several "Fear Factor" style challenges complete with props & icky stuff. 
WARNING: There may be totally gross eating contests, daring & disgusting challenges, sickening relay races, and other yucky activities featuring missing body parts, brains, barf, slimy eyes, worms, and so much more. (*Not REAL body parts, etc.)
Have your video camera ready for the excitement and the hysterical laughter! 
Please note that this program is not for large groups. The maximum number of participants is 30.

1 hour: $550
1.5 hours: $775
2 hours: $1000
Each additional ½ hour: $225

There is a $75 Holiday Fee for events held on holiday weekends such as 4th of July weekend, Halloween and Christmas. 

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