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Carnival Games


Milk Bottle Toss

Contestants have three tries to knock down all 6 milk bottles to win!

prize wheel

Prize Wheel

Our uniformed prize wheel assistant will run the show for you and your guests. 12 spaces on the wheel can be custom printed for an additional charge of $30. Just supply us with your own phrases, pictures, logos, prize names, or whatever you wish!

ring toss

Ring Toss

Contestants have three tries to toss a ring over a bottle for a chance to win a prize.


Putt-Putt Golf

Get ready to test your putting prowess in the Putt 'n Win Challenge! Step up to the tee and aim for glory as you attempt to sink your golf ball into a series of specific holes.  Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a novice putter, this game promises endless fun. Sink that winning putt and become the champion of the greens!

Velcro Golf Dart Dash

Velcro Golf Dart Dash

Take aim and chip for the stars in Velcro Golf Dart Dash! This game combines precision and a touch of whimsy as you attempt to land your golf ball on our velcro dartboard. With three tries at your disposal, it's all about mastering the art of the chip shot. Will you hit the bullseye or settle for a high score?

Your dart board can be upright for an additional $175

Super Hero Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss

Contestants have three tries to make it in for a chance to win a prize.  Available in many themes! Star Wars, Pokemon, Dinosaur, Super Hero, Zootopia, Carnival, Halloween, and more!

Tic Tac Golf Showdown

Tic Tac Golf Showdown

Experience the ultimate fusion of golf and strategy with Tic Tac Golf Showdown!  Putt your way to victory as you aim for that elusive three-in-a-row on our Tic Tac Toe putting board. It's a hole-in-one twist on a classic game that'll have you strategizing your way to victory.


Dig Station

Great for the little ones, this "dig till you win" station includes 6 individual  "digs" along with tools.  Children can go to town looking for dinosaur eggs, small toys or anything you would like to hide in the sand.  You will need a space at least 12 x 6.  Keep in mind that sand will get on the floor so place this station accordingly.  

golf bowling

Bowling Bonanza

Roll, aim, and strike! Enter the world of Bowling Bonanza! Use your  bowling ball and aim to knock down pins set up like a classic bowling alley. With every roll, you'll need precision and strategy to score big. 

red and white tent.webp

Rent a Striped Tent

Red and White striped tents are available to rent for $125. per tent.

Delivery/set-up/pick-up fee is based on zip code and is charged per order, not per tent.

PRICING (Per Game including a uniformed attendant, delivery, set-up and tear down):

1 Hour: $175 (please add $75 for the dig station)

1.5 Hours: $250

2 Hours: $325

Additional  ½ Hour: $75


Add-On Prizes:

20 Small Prizes: $15 (pencils, bubbles, bookmarks, key chains, etc.)

20 Medium Prizes: $40 (visors, sunglasses, paddleballs, Small stuffed animals, etc.)

20 Large Prizes: $75 (backpacks, mini totes, travel games, etc.)

Want to pick your own prizes? Click here!

Some games can be rented on their own without an attendant:

PRICING (Per Game, per day without an attendant. Customer can pick up and drop off  the games at our office or Delivery and pick up is available for an additional fee):


Jumbo Connect 4: $64.99 (Includes game and rings. )

Jumbo Jenga: $64.99 (Includes blocks)

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