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YoYo Show

Looking to book back-to-back shows at the same location?
1st 30-minute show: $725
Additional shows: $600

What do you get when you combine the singing and showmanship of the Broadway Theater with jaw-dropping yoyo skills??

This amazing 30-minute musical yoyo show is a polished, theatrical show features expert yoyo demos, interactive audience participation, two Broadway-style musical numbers, a little yoyo magic, as well as an incredible grand finale: “The World’s Longest Yoyo String,” which introduces a brand new style of yoyo-ing using a massive 10-foot string.

You can even add on a 30 minute yoyo lesson so everyone in the audience who wants to learn how to throw like a pro can learn some tricks!! (Demo yoyos provided).  Yoyos for the audience to take home are also available for purchase! (See below)


Perfect for ages 5-13, but it plays well to families of all ages.


30-Minute musical, magical audience participation based yoyo show: $725.

Add on a 30-minute yoyo lesson after the show: $195.  

Want to purchase yoyos for all of your guests to keep?  They are only $12.50 each

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