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Annabelle the Pixie Fairy


1 hour: $485

1 1/2 hours: $685

2 hours: $885


Optional Add-On: Face Painting

1 hour Face Painting (up to 20 kids):   $175

Each additional ½ hour (up to 10 additional kids): $80

Annabelle the Pixie Fairy is a sweet sprite who has temporarily lost her way from fairy-tale land and somehow ends up at your birthday party! This charming character hasn’t quite graduated from pixie magic school and her enchanting mishaps create hysterical laughter for all the kids.


Annabelle the Pixie Fairy loves to dance and play, so of course Annabelle leads all the children in a series of great interactive pixie games and dances.  She will also bring 3-5 small goodies for each guest!



Annabelle the Pixie Fairy can also do beautiful face painting for all the kids, delighting each and every one with her creativity and imagination. If you would like her to, please allow 3 minutes per child (up to 20 kids/hour).


Actual quote from after-event survey posted with permission:

"My daughters 4th birthday will be one to remember forever! Annabelle the pixie fairy was amazing! She managed to keep 15 4-year olds entertained for hours. Well worth the money and I will definitely use this company in the future!" -Denise Rossi, Boca Raton

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