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YoYo Workshop

These super fun yoyo workshops are structurally casual and hands-on in nature, with plenty of time for each kid to work on their tricks with direct assistance from Brian. He takes each class through the “First 8 Yoyo Tricks”, making sure to take enough time learning each trick so that nobody is left behind.


We will provide all necessary equipment for the workshops including a PA system, mic, music, etc. along with demo yoyos for those who don’t wish to purchase them.

For standalone workshops, each student will also receive a copy of the “First 8 Yoyo Tricks” Pamphlet 

Length of workshop: 30 Mins 

Number of kids per session: up to 20 


30-minute workshop: $195 

Want to purchase yoyos for all of your guests to keep?  They are only $12.50 each

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