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1 hour  - $850

Introducing Whisperscape: Unleash Your Senses in a Vibrant Tapestry of Connection

Step into a world where communication transcends boundaries and the power of human connection takes center stage. Welcome to Whisperscape, a sensory area designed for an immersive experience through the mesmerizing magic of our long, colorful intertwined tubes.

In Whisperscape, every conversation becomes an adventure, as vibrant hues intertwine, creating an awe-inspiring visual tapestry. The tubes ignite your imagination and set the stage for an extraordinary connection. As you speak into one end of the tube, your words travel along the winding path, guided by a symphony of hues, reaching the other end where another adult eagerly awaits, ready to listen and engage in a captivating dialogue.

Feel the vibrant energy coursing through the tubes, infused with the essence of each conversation. As your words dance through the intricate network of colors, a sense of intimacy and understanding blossoms. In this sensorial sanctuary, every conversation is elevated to new heights, fostering genuine connections and nurturing the human spirit……or maybe you just share a knock knock joke! It’s all up to the participants.


Whisperscape is more than just a 10 x 10 physical space; it's a haven where the power of listening becomes an art form. The experience is carefully curated to encourage open-mindedness and fun. Engage in profound discussions, share personal stories, ask questions, tell jokes or simply revel in the soothing sound of another person's voice. With Whisperscape, the possibilities for connection are boundless.

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