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Unique Classes for Children


$395 per class either in person or live virtually.

Any of these classes can be done virtually or live in person.  You supply the materials and we do everything else. Depending on the class, we will send you the materials list when you reserve.

Choose from the following:

Stop Motion Fun: Ages 6 and up

Learn how to create stop motion films using a cell phone! Group size: under 50 

Basketball 101: Ages 6 and up

Coach Trae will teach you the basics of basketball to give you the confidence and foundation to try out for a team or even just to start playing. 

Group size: under 50

Balloon twisting 101: Ages 8 and up

learn how to make balloon animals and figures in this fun and interactive class. 

Group size: under 40

Walk on the Wild Side: Ages 8 and up

Learn how to face paint different types of wild cats from cheetahs to lions and the prrrfect pretty kitty. This class is as fun as it is educational. Learn the differences between cat spots, muzzles and fur tones. 

Comic Style: How to draw your favorite super heroes and characters- Ages 8 and up

Grab your pencils, paper, markers and creativity & learn to draw super heroes, comic characters and your favorite video game friends. This is a fun class for all levels as we bring your art to life.

Bachata or Cha Cha for beginners: Ages 10 and up

Great for all levels, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to cha cha cha. Bachata and Cha Cha are fun styles of dance that follow an easy 4 count, making it fun and exciting to learn.

Upcycle class: Ages 8 and up

Give your closet a makeover with our Upcycle class. Learn how to cut, twist, and style your old shirts to make them new, funky and trendy. All you need is a pair of scissors and old shirts.

How to draw Cartoon Dogs: ages 8 and up

Learn how to draw fun styles of Cartoon Dogs and combine elements to create your own furry four legged friend.

Other available classes include: How to draw cartoon cats, The art and history of sugar skulls, salsa for kids, dream journal making, and more!

Fun Dance Class
Facial Mask
Henna Tattoo on Textured Background
Pen calligraphy hand lettering hustle
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