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The Electric Wizard Show

Light Bulbs

For this science show, we'll take the students on a "Electric Wizard" journey through the history of electricity. We'll go from the first discovery of static electricity, right up through Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment, and then to the invention of the electric motor, electromagnetism and even modern solar/wind and other power!

The "Van de Graff" machine can safely stand your hair on end... An "ion" motor (the same motor used to propel spacecraft) that will spin a fan.

An original "Franklin" motor (Ben Franklin's original motor that runs on static electricity). A "leyden jar" which will allow us to catch electrons in a bucket....nd many other small items.

For the "grand finale," we have a Tesla coil which will produce some safe homemade lightning, and allow me to light a bulb in my hand without wires, and even produce traveling flashes of light.

The WHOLE concept for the show is to show kids how RECENT all these inventions are, how simple they are at their root, and to make them realize that there is so much more for them to discover!  We can even make art using electricity.

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