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Sugar Rush Relay & Games


Appropriate for ages 2-12

Whether you are having a candy themed party, a Willy Wonka party or a Candyland party, this is the perfect entertainment option!


One of our awesome professional performers will bring everything necessary to create a SWEET and fun time for all of your little guests. She will bring a sound system so she can set her games and activities to candy based music, she will bring candy game props and small prizes for up to 35 kids. Then, she will captivate the kids with her original, customized entertainment program tailored to the age group and number of kids at your party.


The sweetest part?  All of your guests will be completely busy, happy and entertained with games and activities that will match the theme of your party! 


1 hour:                                   $550

1.5 hours:                              $799

2 hours:                                 $950



  • 15 minutes of music before and after the program: This is ideal if you have other things going on at the party and need a "lead-in" time and a "lead-out" time: $80.

  • 30 minutes of music before and after the program: $160

  • Water Games:  Great for pool parties, your entertainer can integrate pool games into their program: $50

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