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SensoryParty Options

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Introducing Whisperscape: Unleash Your Senses in a Vibrant Tapestry of Connection

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Dig Station

We can come to your party or event and set up 6-8 individual Dig Stations where guests can dig into their own sand pit for treasures!

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Sensory Sanctuary

Introducing Serenity in Our Sensory Sanctuary!
Escape and immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility with our Sensory sanctuary, an extraordinary sensory area designed to transport you into a realm of serene calmness in 3-5 minute sessions.

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Introducing FlavorQuest: A Delectable Sensory Adventure!
Welcome to FlavorQuest, where taste buds take center stage. Step into our interactive sensory station and prepare for an unforgettable jellybean journey of flavors and guessing games.

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Serene Visions

Introducing Serene Visions: Craft Your Own Captivating Sensory Bottles and Unlock Tranquility

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ScentSation Station

Introducing ScentSation Station: Immerse Yourself in a Fragrant Adventure!
Welcome to a one-of-a-kind sensory journey at ScentSation station, where the magic of aromas comes alive! Step into our interactive station and prepare to be tantalized by an enchanting olefactory experience like no other.

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Balloon Bliss

Introducing Balloon Bliss: Dive into a Sensory Wonderland of Joy and Relaxation

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Slime Making

Slime is always a winner and a fun, tactile experience!

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