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Photographic Caricatures

Create funny and memorable moments with the professional photographer/caricature artist who takes your photograph and morphs it into a caricature that is truly you.  The digital caricature artists will arrive with everything they need to make your event a success.  An adjustable backdrop for any venue, camera, and computer will all be supplied. 


You provide the location, access to power, a table and 2 chairs, and we will make sure your guests have an amazing time by keeping them busy, happy and entertained.


  • Access to power is required within 50 feet. 

  • Overhead coverage from the elements is required if outdoors. 

  • Space required for set-up is 8 wide x 6 deep. This includes our table and camera setup as well as space for the backdrop.  

  • Can accommodate up to 12 people per hour.


2 hour package: $1,550

3 hour package: $1,925

4 hour package: $2,300

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