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Mermaid Swimming Experience

Give your child the ultimate mermaid experience! After a dry land photo opportunity with a real-life mermaid your guppies will get to become mermaids too!

Children will get a quick safety course and lesson on how to use a monofin and tail and then they get to learn mermaid tricks like blowing kisses underwater and play games where they can hunt for treasure, swim through hula hoops, tell secrets underwater, and more!

Children must be at least 6 years old to learn to use a monofin and tail.

Our mermaids are CPR certified!


Mermaid: $545

Additional instructors (see below): $235 each

Goggles and Fins: $30 per child


Up to 5 kids - 1 Mermaid

6-10 kids - 1 mermaid and 1 instructor

11-15 kids - 1 mermaid and 2 instructors

16-20 kids - 1 mermaid and 3 instructors

Things to Keep in Mind
- We do a brief swim test for everyone swimming in tails, if they are not at a qualified swim level they will not be permitted to wear a tail in the water.

- Children under the age of six will not be permitted to wear a tail. Tail sizes start at six due to safety reasons. (Sizing and age requirement set by tail maker)

- Children renting a mermaid tail are required to wear goggles. Goggles will be available for rent/purchase.

- Children who use water safety products like floaties, life vest, etc. will not be permitted to wear a mermaid tail.

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