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Imagination Celebration




 Where Fairy Tales Meet Funny! Lew-E and Oogly Boogly are proud to present their all NEW show called "Imagination Celebration!".


A jovial jamboree celebrating some of the world's funniest fractured fairy tales! There is talk of there even being a certain celebrated Ogre and Donkey in the show this year! In this 40 minute roller coaster ride of comedy, Lew-E and Oogly are geared up to ignite your reader's imaginations taking them on a magical journey they'll never forget!


Each show with Lew-E is crammed full of Juggling, Magic, Puppetry, Audience Participation and so much more!


This is a pre recorded show, not shot live. It can be shared with audiences as many times as you wish!


We also can include some fun activity sheets for the kids to have after the show. Just print them off and let their imaginations soar!

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