DJ's and MC's



2 Hour minimum: $325 

3 Hours : $485

4 Hours: $645

Each additional 1/2 hour: $80


2 Hour minimum: $595

3 Hours: $795

4 Hours: $995

 Each additional 1/2 hour: $100

How do you know if you need to hire a DJ, an Emcee, or a Fun Master? Use our guide below to determine your needs.



Our DJ's are true professionals who bring a state of art sound system and music specifically geared toward the age group at your party or event.


They don't do games, just play awesome music and occasional announcements for all age groups – from family friendly children’s parties to weddings and adult parties, we have experienced, professional DJ's that can do it all!



Our MCs do a combination of playing great music on a professional sound system, making announcements throughout your event and keeping the crowd entertained and involved in the event’s activities.


Fun Masters

Need someone to bring a professional sound system, keep your guests completely busy, happy and entertained with non-stop games, contests, music and dancing and supply small prizes? You need a Fun Master. 


All of our professionals can theme their costumes and presentations to match the theme of your event for an additional fee of $75.

There is a $25 travel fee per performer or activity for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties. 

Additional fee may apply on holidays in any county.

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