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Beautiful Bell Tents

Our Beautiful Bell Tents are a unique way to experience life's precious moments! 


Beautiful Bell Tents can be set up for any occasion!  Under the stars or in the sunshine, experience a magical tent curated just for you! The wonder of a bell tent is unforgettable and will add a WOW Factor to your event!


Perfect for slumber parties, romantic evenings, anniversary dinners, dressing rooms, photo shoots, lounge tent or as additions to large scale events!

PRICING (includes set up and tear down):

Basic Tent Lounge for 8: $2,870

Teatime Delights for 8 (includes 8 tea cups and saucers, 2 tea pots, 2 sugar & cream sets with sugar tongs, tea box, 2 gold triple tier servers, and 2 porcelain water pitchers): $114.50

Cheers & Bubbles for 8 (includes 8 champagne flutes and weathered metal champagne ice tub): $23

Bridal Henna Bash: $225 for 2 hours 

We are proud to offer the ancient art of Henna. Artists use henna to paint intricate designs on the body, usually hands and feet. Also known as Mehndi.


Henna is not a tattoo, nor is it paint or ink. It’s a natural dye that stains the upper layers of the skin and does not penetrate beyond the dead skin cells. The coloring agent is made from the green leaves of a henna plant which, when mixed with ingredients like tea, coffee, cloves or tamarind, forms a paste.


We DO NOT use Black Henna.

Fully Detailed and Designed per occasion (Designer's choice): $3,875

Client Collaboration: Pricing varies

Want a full break down of what is included in every each package?

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