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Belly Dancers

We have different packages you can choose from, depending on what you want to accomplish for your event.


Option 1:

Strolling belly dancer

This package is perfect if you just want to create ambiance and a sense of Mediterranean fun for your guests. 

Your belly dancer will dance and travel from table to table or mix and mingle from group to group at your event.  


1 hour:             $250 per dancer

1 1/2 hours:     $375 per dancer

2 hours:           $500 per dancer



Option 2:

Choreographed show followed by 1 hour of Strolling dancing.

Some events require more of a show.  For these types of events, you can choose our show option.  Whether you require 1 dancer or multiple dancers, we can create something special for you.  The show lasts approx 7-10 minutes (2-3 songs) and is followed by the dancer(s) doing mix and mingle strolling dancing after the show.  Our dancer would bring an ipod with the music and plug into your sound system.


1 dancer:     $425

2 dancers:   $850

3 dancers:   $1275

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